Blue Diamond (1 pair – 1 year wear)



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EYLENS color contact lenses provide a safe (FDA/CE Registered) and a unique way to enhance your look. EYLENS was designed by our team to reach a simple goal: combine simplicity and luxury. Our Natural collection is simply the best for anyone who wants to add a little magic into their eyes.

What makes EYLENS the must-have of this season? The amazing and natural look that provides our lenses on ANY type of eyes! You will get a radiant and genuine look with all our colors.

Your Eyes say Everything. No need to talk 😉

EYLENS NATURAL lenses contact are for cosmetic use (no need correction) and also for correction of myopia (short-sightedness).

• The durability of this type of lenses is 1 year after opening.
• WITHOUT limbal ring for a more natural look.


Box of 2 lenses

Diameter: 14.2 mm
Base Curve: 8.6
Water Content: 40%
Material: Polymacon 62%
Expiration: Annual

BLUE DIAMOND color description
Like the iris of an eye, no two diamonds are identical. Eylens Blue Diamond contact lenses are designed to make you unique. This style adds a touch of blue tone to your iris, giving you a subtle yet striking transformation.

The super natural finish means your new look could shine on multiple occasions, hanging out, going to school or attending a fancy party.

You will always feel precious like a blue diamond!

Others won’t notice that you’re wearing colored lenses even in a very close distance while you look definitely different!

These contact lenses allow a maximum amount of oxygen through the lenses, which helps to maintain a high level of moisture of your eyes.

In order to guarantee your safety, all of our contacts carry CE mark and are FDA registered, conforming to international qualitative medical standards.

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Blue Diamond