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Ocean glow

This color seems to match my eyes and skin tone best. I get the most compliments from the color Ocean Glow!

Quartzo Diamond

Easy to put in and amazed at how well contacts covered over my dark hazel natural eye color. Would definitely buy again.

I have very dark brown eyes so I wasn't sure if green would work for me but they sure did. I love them! At first I felt kinda silly because I'm 51 but I'm so glad I got them anyway.

I love these !!!
So I have dark dark blue eyes. Which is pretty (?)
I loved the change !
I’m very fair .. and my mom had the lightest blue eyes ( Norwegian) ever ,
And family says I look just like my late mom . So blue Diamond is my FAVORITE.. crystal glow is a pop ! ESP w no makeup !! I also love the quortzo Diamond , that light green .. looks totally natural !

These contact have been the only one I have ever been able to wear since they don’t irritate or dry my eyes out like others. They are very confortable to wear and they actually look very natural given the fact that I have very dark brown eyes. I get many compliments when I wear them and would definitely recommend them!

I absolutely LOVE my contacts! They look so natural. I will keep buying more for sure.

Beautiful! I get so many compliments on my eyes!

I love the way they look, so pretty.

This is so beautiful! I feel the blue eyes soften my features from my natural hazel eyes. The only thing I’ve had an issue with is removing the contacts. When I pinch them to remove, the color print on the contacts stick together. It doesn’t loosen up with solution and I have had to literally rip them apart. No damage has come, but now I saturate my eyes with solution before removing them. It seems to help. Considering this problem I normally would not give five stars, but they really are very striking and I plan to purchase more in the future……I got a prescription in the blue diamond color.

Beautiful and natural looking

I haven’t worn them but the color is so beautiful.

The color was beautiful. I got to use them once and the left eye dried up and fell out with in the hour. But again the color was beautiful and very natural looking.

These are the best contacts to change my dark brown eyes to a pretty blue (always wanted blue eyes) now I have them.
Thanks for making them look so natural.

Love the color! They are comfortable and soft!

Just so much fun to change up your look with these lenses. They look great and I've received many compliments.

For years I wore prescription contacts for color.. now my eyes are more radiant and I actually see better with Crystal Glow!

ABSOLUTELY LOVEEE these! So natural & comfortable! This color is Crystal Glow and I just purchased a few more colors to try! At this price, who wouldn’t?! ❤️💜💙💚💛

I absolutely love these as someone with brown eyes . I can have different color eyes of my choosing 🥰

Comfortable and natural

I have gotten so many compliments on this color. Everyone is shocked they are contacts.

I absolutely love these contacts. They are the only ones I have found that have made my dark brown eyes look like they were naturally green. I get so many compliments on them when I wear them. Thank you for finally having a product that is wonderful and true to its color!!!!!

I totally love these contacts. They look beautiful and natural.

Love these contacts!

I have really dark brown eyes, nothing ever shows up…obsessed with these!

Super natural and comfortable